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SC Verba

Scientific company “Verbapharma” was founded a group of researchers and scientists with the aim of realization of new innovative techniques which they developed, and have been constantly refining them till date.

Scientific company “Verbapharma” specializes in the field of research of applied nano-technology in pharmaceutics, medicine and creation of original diagnostic techniques for use in different spheres of medicine. While creating and advancing our original drugs and clinical diagnostic techniques, we strive to improve the quality of life of the ill, we help the medical professionals and attempt to improve the state of affairs in medicine. We profess the principle of golden mean. In our research we conceptualize the use of classic, qualitative, tested techniques and chemical agents with their unexpected combinations and their modes of usage, we create absolutely original products which are capable to make a breakthrough in treatment, prophylaxis and diagnosis of different diseases, including socially significant ones.

We apply nano - technology enables individually under each patient to choose oral pharmaceutical compositions capable of exercising adequate therapy of various diseases. Targeted delivery of active agents allowed us to achieve significant progress in the treatment of following diseases:

- Treatment of diabetic foot using the original gel;
- Treatment of diabetic retinopathy eyedrops with targeted delivery of insulin and C-peptide;
- Treatment of hepatitis individually selected oral medication with the targeted delivery of interferon in the liver;
- Restoration of damaged hepatocytes oral hepato – biliary drug membrane action in the form of droplets;
- Treatment of psoriasis, human papilloma virus (HPV), dysplasia and other precancerous lesions of uterine cancer and pathologies individually manufactured gel with elements of gene therapy;
- Treatment of musculoskeletal gel with targeted delivery of active substances to the damaged parts of the spine and joints.

Preparations are made individually for each patient magistral formula in an accredited laboratory. All products are made from substances that are registered in the European Union.
You can order any other products with individual selection of pharmaceutical compositions and dosage, with the peculiarities of your organism. Targeted delivery of some active substances, the qualitative component of such preparations can not be overestimated!

Dim lights

We envisage our mission in:

- using the benefits of scientific progress for all people living in different countries irrespective of their economic status

- in considerable improvement of the standards of medicine and its accessibility to humanity.