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Individual approach for every patient regarding the dosage and composition of the medication

For example, oral insulin favorably with those of existing insulin preparations:

Insulin Spray insulinInsulin tablets






1. Non- injection method of administration (the medication is administered orally, and not parenterally)

2. Considerable decrease in risk of developing hypoglycaemia in comparison to injection insulins if administered in equal doses

3. Reaches the liver via the portal vein from where it enters the blood, the nano capsule breaks down in the blood plasma after a series of metabolic processes which release insulin molecules with the formation of water and carbon dioxide. This process ensures maximal duplication of the biological effect of endogenous insulin

4. The drug possesses high termo-stability, therefore it can be stored at room temperature

5. Cardinally improve the quality of life of patients suffering from Diabetes, avoiding all complications and discomfort of classic pharmacopoeic injection insulins

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