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Drugs for treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic noninfectious disease, dermatitis, which affects skin mainly. Nowadays the nature of this disease is supposed to be autoimmune.

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To solve this problems hepatitis protector, including phospholipids of natural origin, placed in nanocapsule, rising its bioavailability, has been employed and gel, containing prospidin. Dosages are selected individually for each patient.

Phosphodylcholine is one of the main structural components of biological membranes phospholipid layer. It restores the structure and functions of hepatitis   damaged membranes and due to this prevents the cell to lose enzymes and other active substances. It also normalizes albuminous lipid and adipose metabolism, restores damaged liver function, inhibits liver connective tissue, reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis and fibrosis.

Combined treatment by phospadylcholin together with gel containing cytostatic medicine prospedin increases the number of patients with remission to 70-75%. Its influence is explained by the direct interconnection with DNA. The so called   psoriasis genetic therapy occurs. Prospidin possesses not only immunity suppressing quality but also immunity modeling properties, it is successfully employed while treating ulcerous vegetative piodermy combined with antibiotics and cortical steroids as well as patients with serious atopic dermatitis.

Among the patients treated by phosphadylcholin, such symptoms as weakness, hyperhydrosis, nausea are being stopped, lipid spectrum of blood serum (bilirubin, cholesterin, triglyceride) indexes as well as liver tests are normalized more quickly (reducing ALAT and ASAT activity ).

Phosphodylcholin combined with gel, included in treatment psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and lipid necrobiosis influence greatly dermatitis process , reduce inflammatory process activity, assist in normalizing lipid composition of blood serum. All this is the evidence of lipotropic and stabilizing action on membranes.