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Spray insulin

Spray insulinInsulin prepared in the pharmaceutical spray form, spray insulin is recommended for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes with secondary insulin dependence, as a drug for anti-diabetic therapy. Our innovative spray insulin is available in short acting and ultra short acting forms. The spray insulin imparts flexibility in terms of administration to patients with diabetes mellitus, who can discard partially or absolutely the injection form of administration of insulin, which in turn cardinally improves the quality and style of life of patients. Spray insulin prepared with our innovative nano-technology can be stored at room temperature, without any specific temperature regimes which are generally applicable to the available pharmacopoeic injection insulins. The dose and the form of spray insulin is prescribed by an endocrinologist individually to each patient. The spray insulin possesses adjusted hypoglycaemic effect which helps the patient to achieve adequate state.





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