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Treatment of cervix of the uterus dyplasia and papilloma virus infection.

Cervix of the uterus dysplasia is the most frequent form of morphological cancer developing in the cervix of the uterus. Average age of the patients suffering from dysplasia is 34.5-34.7 years, but recently tendency to this pathology growth with women of 16-18 years has been observed clearly, that is connected with early beginning of sexual life and what is more important, virus pathology particularly human papilloma virus (HPV), 16, 18 serotypes (of high cancer risk). HPV participation in cancer origin and its role in cervix of the uterus cancer development isn`t of any doubt (Herbert Pfister, 2003). The frequency of dysplasia turning into preinasive carcinoma varies from 40 to 60%.

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We suggest the treatment of precancer cetrix of the uterus disease, having high efficiency (recovery is about 100%). The main value of this method, except low treatment cost, is local destruction of affection centre with minimum influence on surrounding healthy tissues, that is particularly important for the women of reproductive age.

We employed ointment containing citostatic prospedin. International name is “Prospidia chloride”. Chemical name: 3,12 – Bis (3 chlor -2 – hydrokcypiril)  -3,12 – diasa – 6.9 diasoniadispiro gekcadecan hydroxid dichlorid. If influences directly DNA and RNA nuclear acids synthesis. Treatment of the given medicine seems to be pathogenetically proved because of the fact, that any neoplastic process is characterized first of all by the high cells division level. And, correspondingly because of cells metabolism increase, pathologic cells are more subjected to citostatic action. This method of fighting displasias is considered to be favourable, functionally and pathogenetically grounded, because of its simplicity, reliability efficiency with parallel local immunity stimulation, especially with patients of reproductive period.