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Gel of the diabetic foot

Gel of the diabetic footWe developed the exclusive nano-technology for preparing highly effective medicinal gels. The technology for preparing medicinal gels imparts the medication with the property, that it can be topically applied to festering wounds and ulcers. The use of these nano-capsulated insulin gels considerably reduces the risk of amputation of the extremities due to complications such as diabetic foot and prevents disability of patients. Our medicated gels can be used in hospitals in the inpatient wards and the outpatient wards under the periodical supervision of a doctor. The therapeutic effect is seen within 5 days after commencing therapy. The medicated gel can also be used for healing cuts and wounds in non-diabetic patients as it increases the rate of regeneration and reparation of tissues.

The gels possess marked regenerative and healing effect and do not cause allergic reactions and irritate the skin.

One the clinical trials of the nano-capsulated insulin gel was conducted on a group of 5 volunteer patients who were being treated at the Kharkov oblast clinical hospital, Kharkov, Ukraine. All the patients in the group the trial had the diagnosis as diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot syndrome. The dressings on the patients feet were changed twice a day with the medicated gel which was prepared in a licensed pharmacy. The patients selected in the group had been receiving the classical treatment for diabetic foot used worldwide during the last 3-6 month but had not been showing any significant symptoms of recovery.

With the regular use of the nano-capsulated insulin gel in the hospital in the inpatient ward the visual and clinic signs of improvement could be seen already on the 3-5 day.

In one third of the patients the ulcer completely healed during 2-3 weeks.

In one patient within 7 days.

In one patient considerable clinical recovery was seen during 2 weeks. This patient had been receiving treatment for the ulcer on his foot the last 6 months before he was treated with our medication.


Gel in action:



Diabetic foot Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot Diabetic foot