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Viral hepatitis C: diagnosis and treatment

Drugs for treatment of hepatitis C

Individual to be selected by each patient-month course of treatment for hepatitis C, suggested by us involves oral medicine complex, of interferon and hepatitis protectors, that deliver active substances directly to the affected liver parts. This permits to reduce therapy period, medicine dosage, remove toxic and other side medicine influence, improve patient way of life to maximum. The treatment can be fulfilled by four types of medicine :

1. Oral interferon. Direct delivery permits to bring interferon directly to liver cells – hepatocytes and to process their membranes by interferon. This method can reduce greatly employed used interferon dosage increasing its efficiency.

2. Highly effective hepatitis protector of membrane type on the basis of natural phosphatidylcholine. Direct phosphatidylcholine delivery to the damaged  hepatocytes permits to start repair of damaged of liver cells membranes immediately. Amber and tiactine  acids  “put”  on  phosphadylcholine  are  drawn onto  damaged cells and improve intracellular   metabolic process.  The medicine starts its influence in 20 minutes after its taking – really the first aid medicine when there are any liver problems.

3. Hepatitis protector on the basis of vitamin E. Direct delivery of vitamin E to liver cells permits to model cell immunity effectively.

4. Endogenous interferon inductor on the basis of natural raw materials. Medicine is highly efficient to use when there are any virus attacks and is able to depress virus specific ferments of DNA – polymerase and thymidine kinase in the infected cells. This causes reduction or complete blocking of viruses replication.


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